Beauty Shopping Session

Beauty Shopping Session


I feel like as a woman, it's soooo easy to keep pushing our needs and wants and happiness to the side! We take care of everyone's needs and wants first! Honestly, that is a part of why I love what I do as an artist. I get to push you to take the time to embrace your natural beauty, focus on you for a bit (even if only an hour) and remember how great it is to be pampered!

With that said, the ongoing comment and conversation with almost any beauty I am in converse with is either "sure it's easy for you, you're an artist", "I just don't even know where to start" or my all time fave "I don't have the time". Well, let me pop your balloon of doubt and shower you with the opportunity to take a hour or two to change your life! Lets go beauty shopping! 

What will this entail you ask?! Check out this clip to see!!

  • set a budget ahead of time (I am all about the bang for the buck with quality as the forefront)
  • consultation (you talk--i listen--i create the perfect game plan AHEAD of time to ensure efficient shopping sess focused on trialing products and educating)
  • shopping time (we walk through browsing and pulling the perfect products for your new or improved routine)
  • education (i walk through your routine with you doing half of your face & have you finish the other half until you feel confident you can create your look at home)
  • doggy bag (I label your products as a reminder of steps to take--as well as a video recap of our session emailed within 24 hours)
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