How to Take the Perfect #selfie by Celebrity Artist Mary-Ashanti: Step 4


In case you're just chiming in, I'm here all week sharing my top tips to take a great selfie or picture in general!

My love for selfies started when I had my first front face camera. I literally remember the first week I had my new iPhone, being in the bank and while the banker was talking to me legit like snapping selfies. Now I know I know it sounds completely conceited and like I have a huge ego but honestly, I worked super hard at learning my angles because I have a super defined jawline so growing up a lot of my pictures looked awkward. Needless to say, through many smizing lessons with my old #gbf & tons of photo shoots just for fun, I have come up with the perfect super simple formula for any beauty to turn their ordinary pictures into yessssss girl selfies, YOUR WELCOME.

Use Laughter:

If all goes left with smizing no worries, I have your back! The next best thing to a epic smize is laughing out loud (lol). There is something about catching a photo while laughing that is absolutely effortless and beautiful. Plus, who doesn’t love to make themselves crack up!

I thought I was the only one that laughed during group photos to get a good picture until I was doing makeup for Cara Aquillo.


Cara's agent came in her room and wanted a few pictures and Cara started literally laughing out loud. Of course I started laughing too and then she explained,

“laughter makes the best pictures, I can’t take one without laughing”.

When a celebrity tells you something like this its love at first sight and true confirmation of your #bossbaeness.

PRO Tip: When in doubt, laugh to capture your joyful spirit! It's natural and effortless!

Time to get out there and get laughing!

Shine Bright!