Refresh Your Glow with 7 End of Summer Skin Savers


Maybe you're just learning the importance of SPF in aging your hair + skin, maybe you had a little too much fun in the sun, or maybe you want a pick me up before the picturesque fall season kicks into gear.

Either way, I have you covered with seven ways so save + refresh your skin as summer comes to a close!

The best part is that many of them offer instant results... too good to be true right? Read on and savor that glow this fall! 


1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! 

One of the biggest gifts you can give your skin is exfoliation. Why?

The surface of your skin is covered in a layer of yucky dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull, dry and worst of all give you acne!

Definitely not the dewy glow we’re looking for.

Your solution: Be sure to exfoliate daily with a high quality toner or face wash and 2-3x’s per week with a physical exfoliator (on your face and body). Bonus if you use micro-exfoliation a few times a week to focus on those fine lines + wrinkles!

Not sure what kind of exfoliation is right for you?  Check out our deep dive into the 3 types of exfoliation and what’s best for your type of skin!

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2. Hydrate

Another key to dewy, glowy skin may seem obvious.… moisture!

Our bodies are made up of over 70% of water and our skin, being our largest organ, needs to be hydrated to perform optimally; hydrated skin acts and looks younger.

Thankfully, an innovative solution hit the market giving us a hydrating tool other than just drinking more water— hydrating serums. This serum increases your skins hydration levels by 200% after 1 use according to an 8-day U.S. clinical study, better yet, it keeps it there for eight hours.

All skin types, not just visibly dry skin, benefit from added hydration.

Yep: Oily skin and acne-prone skin need hydration, too as dryness is generally what’s causing your over production of oil!

Your solution: Think of morning dew, and remember to hydrate your face and body each morning before applying the rest of your skincare routine.

3. Hydrate MORE 💦

For the reasons listed above, hydrating is super important for our skin and general health.

The most straightforward way to boost you hydration is to drink enough water.

Your solution: Aim for drinking half of your body weight in water each day. Take our 30 day Water Challenge for Accountability!

Even everyone’s fav, Rachel Hollis, is touting the benefits of drinking more water in her #Last90Days Challenge, which of course the #HarrisonSisters are doing 😍

4. Moisturize

You thought we already covered this one, didn’t you?

Hydrating your skin is actually different than moisturizing.

Moisture helps skin maintain the natural lipid barrier on its surface that keeps water from escaping, basically locking in the hydration you worked so hard to get!

Your solution: Finish your skincare routine with a high quality moisturizer, every morning. End the evening with a premium moisturizer that supports your body’s natural regeneration (which happens when you sleep).

This is our favorite daytime moisturizer with SPF, but this one is amazing for oily skin!

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5. Be Consistent

This is more of a trait than a specific product recommendation, but it is DEFINITELY a skin saver!

Products can’t help your skin if you don’t use them as intended, which generally means using them at least every day, if not twice a day.

Just like any habit, to keep yourself accountable, you need to make it easy to remember and to implement.

“Out of sight, out of mind,” definitely rings true in this age of two second attention spans, so my go to is to put whatever I want to remember right in MY FACE (pun intended)!

Anything I need to do before bed is left OUT on my nightstand (not away in a drawer), if I can use it in the shower I keep it in there where I know I’ll see it. I keep the end of my routine in my purse because I’m almost always applying on the go!

For anything I can’t leave in sight, I set a reminder in my phone (I’m a scatter brain so I need to do this!!).

Your solution: If you don’t have a basic skincare routine that you follow, create one! We offer FREE 1-1 skin consultations or check out this free online skincare quiz. Once you have a routine, implement small “tricks” to stick with your routine!

At the beginning it may seem like a lot, but you’ll have your routine down in no time, and when the reward is your gorgeous looking FACE, you’ll definitely sick with it! #YouOnlyGetOne

Tip: Try a new skincare routine for at least 60 days before deciding if it works for you, it takes since about 55 days to complete a full cycle.

6. Extend Your Tan

We all know we should avoid direct rays from the sun for our skins sake, but even with the use of SPF you are most likely still rocking a tan this summer.

Your Solution: Skip the tanning booth (and the damage that comes with) and continue the summer glow without aging your skin by using a sunless tanner!

We love this Foaming Sunless Tanner because a foam is super simple to apply (you can’t mess it up + no streaks), doesn't leave you orange, and can be built upon with future applications to reach your desired color.

7. Practice Lash Love 💕

We don’t often think of our lashes as needing the attention that our skin gets, but just like our skin, lashes can get thinner, dry and brittle when neglected.

Just like the hair on your head, your lashes love to be conditioned, nourished and protected and will reward you with longer, more luscious strands.

Your Solution: Swipe on a lash conditioning serum each night before you go to bed and watch those puppies grow!

The appearance of longer, fuller lashes that are 100% real and 100% yours is an investment is definitely worth making! #allnatural

Full disclosure, I’m absolutely obsessed with this product and what it’s done for my already long lashes, see for yourself here!


There it is!! Seven simple steps to save your skin as we transition into fall!! I’d love to hear which of these you’re already doing and which ones you need to implement or would like to learn more about!

love + gratitude,

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