Get Ready With Me: Freely Clip-In Hair Extensions

So, our amazing social media maven Janine said I should be sharing moments such as this-- of me getting ready! I have to admit I was semi nervous because the only lady that ever watches me get glammed up in the morning is my 10 year old daughter Angelina! It is one thing to shoot a tutorial that is planned and scripted but to literally go live on our Facebook page was definitely out of my comfort zone!

But here's the thing.. my focus of 2018 is personal growth.. telling all my fears to shove it as I fight through them! So here it is--me, installing my amazing 100% human hair Freely clip-in hair extensions.. super unfiltered and cracking my own self up (as always). 

I hope you enjoy & learn something new!

PS: If you are obsessed and want to get your hands on your own pair of Freely Extensions simply click here!

XO Mary-Ashanti