How To Install Clip In Hair Extensions: The Tease & No Tease Method


Clipping in hair extensions can be tricky the first time especially with short hair! However; once you install your Freely Extensions once, it becomes second nature!

When clipping in your hair extensions you want to pay attention to how low or high you place each piece, the angle your placing each piece and that partings are pretty even! 

To install your Freely Hair Extensions you will need:

  1. Detangling comb
  2. Tail comb
  3. Hairspray or teasing brush (hairspray method video vs teasing method)
  4. Clips
  5. Freely Extensions

**While Freely Extensions are designed with silicone lined clips which need no tease, for super silky or naturally oily hair we do suggest using hairspray, hair powder or tease to counteract the slip!