5 Facts About Your Eyelashes that You Need to Know

The Skinny on Lush Lashes: How To Get & Keep Longer, Fuller, Darker Eyelashes

Eyelashes (just like your skin) are affected by life’s ups and downs. With our lash obsession, came lots of knowledge and we're happy to share the full story behind the tiny yet important hairs– so you can insure a lifetime of lush, healthy-looking lashes!! Whether you love a heavy mascara look or something more natural-- this 5 facts will benefit you! 


Here are a FIVE things everyone needs to know about eyelashes:

  1. Your eyelashes work hard every day. Eyelashes are super important to your overall look-- but did you know they also have an important biological function? Yep! Those beautiful lashes protect you from dust, debris, wind and sunlight, as well as triggering the blink reflex.
  2. You are born with a certain number of eyelash follicles (openings in skin where your lashes grow). Crazy right!? As hard as you wish, this number will not increase during your lifetime.
  3. People typically have around 100 eyelashes on the upper eyelid and half as many on the lower lid. But who’s really counting? Remember, it’s not how many you have, it’s what you do with them! 
  4. Eyelashes are continuously going through stages of growth, resting, shedding, and re-growth. The entire cycle can take anywhere from 5 to 11 months—a good reason not to take your lovely lashes for granted, or risk losing them by rubbing your eyes too hard.
  5. Eyelashes do thin as we age. If your lashes don’t seem as long or as full as they were in, say, your teens or early twenties, you aren’t imagining it. The appearance of our eyelashes not only changes the older we get (sigh), but eyelash follicles can actually stop producing new lashes-- nooooooo!

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For most of us, primping eyes comes last in our daily beauty routine—but maybe it’s about time we put them first. After all, a lot can happen in the blink of an eye—so why not make the most of every wink and flutter?