Made Up On The Go #realweddings: How We Transformed Gleny's Fine Hair + How You Can Too!

On your wedding day you want everything to be perfect. To make that happen, after we chat it up on our first call I send you a questionnaire that really outlines what that looks like for you.

For Glenys, big voluptuous hair was the one thing she could never attain herself, but knew she HAD to have in her perfect wedding vision & we #NAILEDIT!


Glenys, like MANY MANY women across the world, struggles with super fine (& may I add super soft and silky) hair.


I was so excited to hear that this was her biggest issue (easy peasy) because I had the perfect solution that would change her life forever: Freely Extensions!

Freely Extensions are our 100% Human Hair Remy Clip in extensions! You can have them installed by your stylist on your big day or simply clip them in yourself (perfect for your honey moon)!

Freelys work great with fine hair because they are designed with a silicone grip for extra security and zero damage. I do always suggest removing them after 1 wear for my fine haired beauties as your strands are super fragile.


Some important things to keep in mind when installing extensions with fine hair:

*part your hair, then install your highest back extension at least 3 inches below where your part ends

*clip your extensions in on a diagonal in order to have hair clipped in the front higher and lower in the back (3 inches below end of part)

*customize your look: you can use all or 3/4 of your Freelys depending on the look you want to achieve!

Ready for your fine hair days to end? Reach out for a free hair consultation!