Meet Lifestyle Blogger Mornings With Chanel: My Experience with Freely Luxury Extensions

We had SO much fun collaborating with the incredible Chanel of @morningswithchanel! We asked her to share her experience as a she tried out her Freely Extensions! Check it all out below and be sure to check out Chanel's super fun blog here once you fall in love with her like we did 😉

If I were to describe my natural hair color, I would say it's quite reminiscent of Pocahontas' obsidian locks, and although our complexion is dead-on, she definitely "wore it better"...


I've always found my west coast vibe to be best complimented by beachy-surfer, blonde tresses and as such, I've been battling with bleach for years.

About six months ago, I ended up having to raise the white flag and admit defeat to the hair gods. My fried mane had to go! Fortunately for me, Beverly Hills is just an arms reach away - and loaded with talented hair masters on every corner. I quickly found the perfect salon and the perfect stylist to take me from looking homeless to rocking a chic healthy lob. Hooray! My confidence continued to grow as I returned home to endless accolades and cheers of approval from all of my loved ones. I was even told by my husband - "this is you now."



Haha. & so it was, short haired Chanel. However, months passed and the once celebrated new look began to bore me. I actually sat and counted on my fingers the number of months it would take to get my long, sun-kissed, blowing in the breeze, hippie hair back.... and I ran out of fingers... and toes to count on. Then I panicked for a split-second when I realized I was facing years of looking like a soccer mom. Even if just for special occasions or days when I'm feeling sassy, I needed some versatility. I'm way too low-maintenance to deal with sitting through a session of having permanent hair extensions installed and too modest for the constant upkeep entailed, so clip-ins it is!


I absolutely ADORE the owners of Made Up On the Go and was really excited to try out their new Freely Luxury Extension line, so I placed an order for a set in Peace. The package arrived unexpectedly quickly from across the country and was clearly compiled with loving hands, topped with the sweetest greeting card. I felt like a little kid on Christmas. I opened the box to find a beautiful set of super blonde locks that were softer than I could have imagined and immediately felt my confidence return! From here, the possibilities were endless. With the freedom to wear my hair short or long, I could now feel really great about my hair again. 


So what have I been doing with my hair since I got my Freely's? Haha, everything I can think of! I gave them a "blowout", flat ironed them straight, put in some waves, and played with a million different braids. I even colored them with an ombre effect to better camouflage my dark roots. and I have to tell you, they colored perfectly. These extensions are awesome - thick wefts, sturdy clips, and color-friendly hair? I am seriously impressed. Thank you Made Up On the Go, I love my new Freely's!!

Have you tried out Freely Extensions yet? Let me know what you think in the comments below & If you need some help with your clip-in technique, check out my youtube tutorial here.


Chanel <3