Use Water to Improve Your Hair, Skin + Overall Beauty - it's FREE!

More than half of that gorgeous summer bod you're flaunting is composed of water...

This water is tasked with critical functions like maintaining body temperature, cushioning and protecting vital organs and aiding in digestion.

On hot days, your body loses water through increased sweating. And not drinking enough water can interfere with your body’s necessary functions. This can lead to dehydration and if untreated, can develop into heatstroke or heat exhaustion. Water helps keep you hydrated, which is important because every single cell in your body needs it in order to absorb nutrients and expel waste products

When you’re packing the sunscreen this summer, make sure to bring some bottles of water too. What are some of the other benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated?


1) Will Keep You Young 💁‍♀️

One of our favorite benefits of drinking plenty of water is that it does wonders for your skin. In fact, we recommend that all of our brides take a water challenge leading up to their wedding. Thirsty skin accentuates fine lines and wrinkles. By drinking plenty of water you'll keep your skin hydrated and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

When you don’t drink enough water, you can become dehydrated and in turn your body will retain water in order to conserve resources. This water retention is where bloating comes from and can make your skin and face puffy.

2) Helps You Lose Weight 👙

There’s a reason that most fitness experts tell you to drink a lot of water. One of the benefits of drinking water is that it helps you lose weight.

Drinking water can suppress your appetite, making you feel fuller longer and making you less likely to grab an unnecessary snack. Try drinking a glass of water before meals and when you're craving an afternoon snack. To keep it interesting, dress up your water by infusing it with flavors or making one of your glasses sparkling.

Staying hydrated also prevents fluid retention & bloating and can help your body burn stored fat. If you’re not drinking enough water, your liver is forced to help your kidneys detoxify your body instead of metabolizing stored fat. Since drinking water flushes toxins from your body and prevents constipation, it keeps things in your intestinal tracts moving.

3) Makes You Smarter 🤓

Need a brain boost? Drinking water can increase your cognitive function. Your brain needs a lot of oxygen in order to function at optimum levels, and drinking plenty of water ensures that your brain gets all the oxygen it needs. Drinking 8-10 cups of water per day can improve your levels of cognitive performance by as much as 30%!

Drinking plenty of water also supports nerve function by allowing your body’s electrolyte levels remain high enough for your nerves to relay messages to and from the brain in the way they were meant to.

4) Keeps Your Joints Healthy🏃‍♀️

One of the lesser known benefits of drinking water is that it helps keep your joints strong, healthy and lubricated. Your joints need moisture in order to remain strong and flexible, so that your movements are smooth and pain free.

5) Builds Muscle 🏋️‍♀️

Did you know drinking water can also help make your muscles stronger?. Drinking plenty of water enables your muscles to work harder and longer before they feel tired, thus helping you build muscle. Water also carries oxygen to the cells of your body, including those of your muscles.

6) Good for Mood 👍🏼

Dehydration can cause a slew of issues including headaches, irritability and fatigue. Studies have shown that increasing your daily water intake keeps your inflammation down.

When your body is low on water, blood vessels will dilate, causing swelling and worsening the effects of a headache. According to the NIH (National Institutes of Health), if you’re experiencing dizziness, this is a sign of dehydration. You should drink small amounts of water slowly over time.


7) Keeps Your Heart Healthy ❤️

According to the NIH, coronary heart disease, when your arteries clog up with plaque, is the number one cause of death for both men and women in the United States. One study in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that drinking more water is associated with a decrease in the risk of coronary heart disease.

Water doesn't have to be boring...

I personally keep a pitcher of infused water in my fridge for those times I want something a little special. Sparkling is another way to dress it up, but since you're likely to drink less that way, be sure you're indulging in a mix of both!

Check out these infused water recipes, I'm obsessed with using my self infusing pitcher since I can store my infused water in the fridge and easily fill up my water bottles on the go. I'm all about anything to bust my lame excuses and make myself healthier. When I open the fridge and it's right there, it's so easy! 

I couldn't finish this post without mentioning how clutch a good, high quality water bottle is. The things I look for when making an investment in a good one (I actually loooooove water bottles and have to stop myself from buying them)--

  1. Material, Must be metal or glass I'm sure you've heard all of the research on plastics and BPAs so pleasssse tell me you aren't drinking from plastic bottles in your car! While I have glass water bottles, I actually prefer metal since they tend to leak less and can be more simplistic. 
  2. Insulation, I'm generally bringing my water bottle when I"m on the go so this it's super important that it keeps things cold for long and doesn't sweat all over my things. I find that double walled metal is best for this.
  3. Wide or Narrow Mouth, I tend to like a wider mouth water bottle since I find it easier to drink from, but thats just my preference.
  4. Leak proof, this goes without saying, but so many cheap water bottles still leak! I need to be able to throw my bottle in my car, gym bag or book bag and not worry about it.
  5. Looks, this may not be important to you, but as a girl who values aesthetics, I find it actually can result in me drinking more water, not forgetting it, etc. If I really love something, it's coming with me!   

Love this beautiful, minimal, widemouth, double-walled beauty that can handle hot or cold.

30-Day Water Challenge.png

Hoping I've inspired you to put some effort in the direction of your hydration! Download our water tracker and intentionally drink your way to health this month! The results will be worth it because YOU are!

love + gratitude,