How to Take the Perfect #selfie by Celebrity Makeup Artist Mary-Ashanti: Step #5

How to Take the Perfect #selfie by Celebrity Artist Mary-Ashanti: Step #5

I must admit, ever since I had my first front face camera I became a #selfiequeen. I literally remember the first week I had my new iPhone, being in the bank and while the banker was talking to me legit like snapping selfies. Now I know I know it sounds completely conceited and like I have a huge ego but honestly, I worked super hard at learning my angles because I have a super defined jawline so growing up a lot of my pictures looked awkward. Needless to say, through many smizing lessons with my old #gbf & tons of photo shoots just for fun, I have come up with the perfect super simple formula for any beauty to turn their ordinary pictures into yessssss girl selfies, YOUR WELCOME.

Master Lip Language:

Your mouth can make or break a great selfie. You can make yourself look completely awkward and unflattering just by how your mouth is positioned, so we're going to focus on that for today!

Personally, my lips are one of my favorite features so in my pictures I always do a slight pucker with my lips barely open. This accentuates the fullness of my lips. If you have more subtle lips try playing up your smile and showing those pearly whites. Even if you want your mouth shut in your picture, in reality you'll have it a bit opened. Just enough for your lips not to be touching. This creates a more natural less uncomfortable looking picture. 

PRO Tip: Whether your lips are closed or open, do it on purpose!

Just like we practiced with your eyes, you'll want to practice with your lips too. 


Master your Lip Language:

  1. Snap some shots with your lips slightly pouty and open, no smile.
  2. Take a few using laughter for full out smile.
  3. Try to create an in between, turn your smile down a bit, but leave your mouth open with a hint of a smile.

Check your photos out in a side by side to see what look you love the most-- it may even be all three! Then practice working each lip look using your mastery of angles and being sure to smize. One of those shots should be your perfect selfie! After you find your go to look, it's just a matter of practicing until it's natural-- grab your #bestie and get going :)

To recap, a perfect selfie takes the right lighting, owning your angles, mastering the smize and your lips, and using laughter as a  if all else fails! I truly hope my years of getting side eyed for taking selfies while in full conversation with my loved ones pays off and teaches one of you ladies how to kill your selfie!!