About Us

Busy? Stressed? Let’s admit it, adult life is often rushed and messy; we leave our school age years to rush into a career and then pile on finding a spouse, having kids, buying a home and other responsibilities. It’s always something!

When will you ever find time to accomplish your childhood dreams? Practice a hobby that makes you feel alive? Achieve the goal that you keep missing? OR Keep up with world affairs- let alone make an impact?

Not so long ago we felt overworked, underpaid and burnt out. BUT, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s called #PhaseThreeFreedom. Want to manage your priorities? Balance your hours? And make sense of this mess we call life? We got you.

As three sisters, we’ve been each other's biggest fans and advocates who've helped inspire one another to believe that we CAN and WILL get it done. We’ve pushed each other to take another step... even when we hit a wall... and spoken the hard truth when it wasn’t easy. We were born into a strong team. We learned that’s what it takes to make it. And guess what!? We’re inviting you to join #honoraryharrisonsister :)

Design a life you’re obsessed with- don’t worry we’ll teach you how-- in simple time saving steps.


The Harrison Sisters

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mary-ashanti harrison