Ten Things You Must Do if You Want to Become an Influencer.

I truly believe that everyone has something to offer this world. If you're dedicated to finding and growing a career around that gift, you certainly can. One of the first things you'll need to do is become an influencer, so I've put together Ten Things You Must Do if You Want to Become an Influencer to help you out!


  1. Find your Niche. Something you’re really interested in and you’re able to tell people something new, fresh and/ore extraordinary. It could also be a spin that you're putting on an old idea or concept. Then become an expert in that space.
  2. Choose your Platform. Decide on 2-4 (maximum) social media channels that you’ll focus on. If you're easily overwhelmed, stick to two. I would rate them in this order of influence: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat. When you decide, consider if you're more of a video or written content person. Also decide which forum is best for your niche, and where your audience will look for your content. Make sure you take your current skill level into consideration... we want you to actually DO, not just plan to do. If video seems overwhelming, stick to written content for now. If you never write and always snap, consider starting with short videos or live appearances. 
  3. Determine a Content Strategy. What information will your audience be so excited to see that they share with their friends? Start there! Then plan out your first week, month, etc of content. How often will you post? Will you have a structured set up? For instance, a quote every day or a make over Mondays, etc. Think about what will appeal to your audience and what information should be a priority to get our first. Make your decisions based on the VALUE they bring.
  4. Create Valuable Content. Sometimes it's easiest to do a "batch day" and create a bunch of content at once. For instance, get your vide/photography set up ready and change your clothes and makeup as you create different videos or photos. Then you can do batch editing or edit each one as it's needed. I recommend building out 10 or so items at the beginning so you aren't scrambling for content/lose you nerve when you first start out!
  5. Start Publishing! Once you have a prepared for two or three months out, start publishing!
  6. Be CONSISTENT. Can't stress this one enough. Your content must attract people; make it considered and consistent. Remember the niche you're trying to define and work to build value in that area for your audience. Then rinse and repeat as often as you possibly can!
  7. Make friends! Build relationships with other people and brands in your industry. You want to become part of the trusted network. Chat, like and share each others posts, comment regularly, and eventually collaborate!
  8. Make more friends :) Build your community by inviting new people in your target audience from forums, groups, fan pages, events etc.
  9. Share your story. If your content is valuable, people will WANT to hear about it! Promote your content by sharing (not selling) it to people who fit your target audience. Rinse and repeat :) 
  10. Nourish your tribe. Once people start following you, make sure you treat every one of them as an incredibly important part of this journey, because they are! Engage with them, love on them, and come up with ways to be generous to them. Basically become the person you would want to follow!

If you follow these steps, people will start to listen to you and follow you. Those people are who make you a true influencer so treat them like it!!