The best time to schedule your preview is six to eight weeks before your wedding. By this time, most of the details of your wedding will be finalized, and you will have your jewelry, veil and other accessories. Within this timing, you will be less likely to change your mind about the look between the preview and the wedding. 

Scheduling a preview during the same season as your wedding (winter, spring, summer etc.) will help us analyze your needs. Skin that is parched in the winter might be oily in the summer and lead us to use different products. Hair also behaves differently in different seasons; a look that might be a great idea in the winter might not work as well in the summer.

A great time for scheduling your preview can be right before your dress fitting. This enables you to see how the makeup and hair look with your dress.We do not suggest booking your preview session the same day as your bridal shower as preview sessions can last anywhere between 2-5 hours.

Many brides book what we call a "first meet". This is a private beauty session booked for a special occasion (engagement party, engagement shoot, save the date shoot) around the time of securing your date, since it can be 12-18 months prior to your big day! This way you'll meet your artist and be red carpet ready from start to finish!


  • We generally do previews at your home or location of choice and spend between 2-5 hours working with you depending on style, preferences, etc. 
  • We suggest wearing a shirt that is a similar tone & cut to your wedding dress to give you a full visual experience!
  • Your hair should be washed and dried. Bring any the accessories you already have, such as jewelry and veil to the trial so you can envision the whole look. 
  • Use this handy check list we created to make sure you're prepared!!


Spend some time on #Pinterest, our website, fashion and bridal blogs and #insta to gather hair and makeup inspiration! 

For makeup, try to find images where the models are similar to you in terms of face and eye shape, skin tone and hair color, focus on enhancing your natural beauty. Ask yourself what specifically you like about the look: the eyes, lips, skin, or general feel. If you love your eyes, find looks that accentuate your eye shape. If you love your lips be sure to check out the latest lip trends.

Mary-Ashanti will be right by your side via text as you look through images! She will help you choose looks that not only are custom to you but also on trend and cohesive to your look. Upon chatting vision, you both will collaborate and she will help you finalize a Pinterest board before your preview session. 

For hair, try to find images of models whose hair is a similar length and thickness, paying special attention to things such as level of volume, height placement, front, side and back view. Keep in mind the overall vibe you want to create. Are you boho chic? Do you prefer soft and romantic? Is your fav a slicked back look? Do you like hair in your face or pulled back?

If you want a super full look, your artist will bring a set of Freely clip-in human hair extensions to your preview upon request. All extensions must be purchased before installed. At the preview, your artist will custom cut and shape your extensions!

Every artist has extensive experience working with HD photography & videography and will take this into account when creating your look. Each makeup application and hairstyle we do is individualized to your style and needs. We offer techniques such as custom skin blending, cluster custom false lashes and waterproof airbrush, and customize each finish  just for you ending with a waterproof setting spray or weather proof hair spray. Our goal is to accentuate your favorite features, ensuring your look is fabulous in person and for pictures! 


It's super important you take exceptional care of your skin in the months leading up to the big day. Healthy, moisturized skin will help you achieve your goal of a flawless, glowing look! For this reason we offer personal skin care consultations to answer any questions or address any of your concerns, which you can easily schedule below. 

We recommend you follow a high quality skin care regimen day and night. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water #60daywaterchallenge and avoid over-exposure to the sun. We have a great sunless tanner that we love and highly recommend in lieu of skin-damaging tanning booths. It's foaming, so doesn't create streaks or orange skin and gives us a great base to work with! 

If you do facial waxing/ tweezing/ threading, please do this before your preview and few days before wedding day to avoid sensitivity.


You might consider extensions to help add volume and/or length to your hair. Even if you are considering an up-do, extensions can help to make it look fuller!

If you are interested in using clip-in extensions, please let us know so we can help you choose the best color and weight for your look. We offer 100% human hair remy clip ins. Check them out here!